Patreon Launched!

Dungeons and Depression:

Just Launched!

I will be creating D&D content for both Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and the fan-made Pokemon 5E.

We’re going to keep it simple. I am a gay, 26-year-old, elementary school teacher who loves Dungeons and Dragons. Mapmaking, worldbuilding, and homebrewing have been a therapeutic and integral part of my day-to-day life for the past several years. It’s been a way for me to cope with and explore my depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health struggles. I want to share this experience (and of course the content) with you all. It’ll be an adventure of our own making!

The Tiers

I currently offer 2 tiers. A support tier and a catch-all tier. I plan on asking for a lot of suggestions and will also be providing at least a weekly poll to grow this Patreon together. As this grows, the content I provide will diversify as more voices are added. Once we reach $5,000 a month, I will do a whole reorganization of this Patreon to better support all our needs through content creation. Any Pokemon 5E content will be made publicly available as I do not own the rights to Pokemon.

  • Publicly Available (Free). All Pokemon 5E content and mental health resources will be publicly available.
  • Support ($2). The first tier grants you updates on all current projects and voting power access on Poke5E content.
  • Hexcrawl Adventures ($5). At the second tier, you have access to my homebrewed creations, adventure hooks, all sorts of maps, the digital archive, and voting on specific content creation. Likewise, you also receive access to the Support Tier.

Offer (Ending January 31st, 2021)

If you join me on this adventure, you will have membership access to exclusive content such as RPG mechanics, downtime activities, digital assets, behind the scenes work, and anything experimental that I’m working on creating!


While I love teaching, creating D&D content and game design as a whole has been a dream of mine. Every step towards making this Patreon a full-time job is a step closer to achieving my goal. Come and join the adventure that we’ll create together!

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