13 Weeks of Mad Science!

Last week I launched the 13 Weeks of Mad Science series on our Patreon. Through the end of June, we’ll be exploring different aspects of mad science in my homebrewed world of Ivireal!

Last week we introduced Uelaros Manor, the leading science and technology guild of Ivireal. Over the next twelve weeks, we’ll be exploring biological, chemical, geological, and engineering-based mad science. This includes topics like genetic engineering, chemical weaponry, automatons, and disaster manipulation all through the power of science! No magic necessary!

What will content look like?
– homebrewed creations and abominations
– maps on maps on maps
– paralyzing puzzles
– destructive weapons and toys
– and so much more!

Come join us at the Adventures in Ivireal Tier ($5) to gain access to all of the content as it becomes available!

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