M.P.S. Environmental Studies and Sustainability, Unity College, 2022

B.A. Adventure Education, Fort Lewis College, 2018

Where’s Jeromy? Likely on top of boulders writing lessons, designing campaign settings, and listening to birds; by a lake in my hammock most likely reading a cli-fi or adventure book; or in my apartment crafting a new game mechanic.

Jeromy Slaby

Well hi there! I am an experiential educational practitioner specializing in climate communication, sustainability education, and environmental game design.

Over the last decade I have continuously experimented with integrating experiential practices, systems thinking skills, role playing games, and environmental concepts into academic settings to create engaging, play-centered, learning experiences.

Sustainability is more than just environmental. It is a complex and tangled field of social, cultural, economic, and environmental needs and concerns. Because of its complexity and size, it and climate change can be quite overwhelming and confusing. My goal is to bring these concepts out of the abstract clouds into more concrete and relatable terms.


  • Lesson Planning & Curriculum Development
  • Digital Resource & Graphic Design
  • Logistical Planning
  • Systems Thinking Mindset
  • Redefining Complex Terms
  • Experiential Practices
  • Role Play Game Design
  • Group Facilitation & Team Development

Professional Experience

  • Secretary, Board of Directors, Association for Experiential Education, 2020-Present
  • 5th Grade Associate Faculty, The Meridian School, 2018-2021
  • Educational Facilitator, 2015-Present
  • Group Development and Ropes Course Facilitator, Pine Lake Environmental Campus, 2012-2014