Pokémon Climate Redux Proto-Type Video

Here’s a look at a prototype for a climate-themed Pokémon fan game. I worked on this as part of an assignment for one of my master’s courses a few months back. This prototype follows a short story line that sees the player bring a sea otter-like Pokémon, Oshawott, to the neighboring island town of BeachContinue reading “Pokémon Climate Redux Proto-Type Video”

Pushing Forward – Patreon, Fan Games, and CCRPGs

Starting in September, I will be firing up the good ole Patreon, with some definite changes! First and foremost, there is now only a $3 Support Tier. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fulfill the expectations I had set for myself with the previous tier system, so I moved to just one. Second, allContinue reading “Pushing Forward – Patreon, Fan Games, and CCRPGs”

13 Weeks of Mad Science!

Last week I launched the 13 Weeks of Mad Science series on our Patreon. Through the end of June, we’ll be exploring different aspects of mad science in my homebrewed world of Ivireal! Last week we introduced Uelaros Manor, the leading science and technology guild of Ivireal. Over the next twelve weeks, we’ll be exploringContinue reading “13 Weeks of Mad Science!”

Patreon Launched!

Dungeons and Depression: Just Launched! I will be creating D&D content for both Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and the fan-made Pokemon 5E. We’re going to keep it simple. I am a gay, 26-year-old, elementary school teacher who loves Dungeons and Dragons. Mapmaking, worldbuilding, and homebrewing have been a therapeutic and integral part of myContinue reading “Patreon Launched!”