Jeromy Slaby, M.P.S.

Climate Communication, Sustainability Education, and Environmental Game Design

Customizable Consulting

With a decades worth of experience in the education realm emphasizing group development, environmental knowledge, and interdisciplinary integration, I consult with teachers and their school communities to adapt current and develop new plans and curriculum for integrating environmental knowledge, experiential learning practices, and sustainability practices. This takes the form of Student Learning Experiences, Strategic Sustainability Planning sessions, and Educational Resources and Materials.

Student Learning Experiences

I provide in-person student learning experiences in the Seattle area. These play-based experiences are designed in coordination with the educators to integrate climate, sustainability, and environmental concepts with academic areas.

Strategic Sustainability Planning

Schools and organizations are at the forefront of sustainability planning and implementation. I offer support in the development and design of these plans either as a facilitator or as a contributor.

Educational Resources and Materials

Sustainability education is for everyone, but not everyone lives in the Seattle area (obviously). Because of this, I work with schools and educators to develop learning materials to support and enhance their curriculum.


Looking for More?

The Climate Zine simplifies the complexities of the Earth’s climate to better understand our impacts and what actions you can take to develop environmental habits in your own life.

CCRPGs – Climate [Courage] Role Playing Games – creates tabletop game systems and mechanics that center around sustainability, environmental, and climate concepts.

SustainEd supplies educational tools and resources to educators to integrate sustainability, environmental, and climate themes in their daily practice.