I offer three types of services – student learning experiences, strategic sustainability planning, and educational resources and materials. Each of these services are customizable and each comes with an initial free consultation to better understand your needs. The free consultation is limited to one meeting and follow-up questions; however, there is no time-limit on this meeting to ensure that we can better connect and build a strong, trust-based working relationship.

Initial Consultation: Free
Hourly Rate: $70 / Hour
Daily Rate: $400 / Day
Project Rate: Quote provided based on project description

Examples of:

Student Learning Experiences

Single Experience / Hourly-Based
Single day learning experiences are hourly-based with a minimum of 2 hours. Experiences are designed based on the needs of the educators and generally include integrating climate, sustainability, and environmental topics with academic areas like social studies, mathematics, literacy, physical education and the arts.

Fee based on Hourly Rate
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Multi-Experience / Project-Based
Multi day learning experiences are based on the size of the project and are centered around project-based and place-based learning practices. A multi day experience have a required minimum of 3 days so that an intro, a check-in, and a reflection experience can be facilitated. Experiences are designed in collaboration with the educators and can either be consecutive days or spread across several weeks.

Fee based on Daily Rate or Project Rate
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Professional Development

Team Facilitation Session
Improving team cohesion and cooperation is essential to achieving the goals of the team. Whether it is a group of students, educators, administrators, or community leaders and volunteers, having the emotional intelligence to address conflict, set goals, and work together is vital. Facilitation sessions are designed in collaboration with the group’s desired outcomes and last at least 3 hours.

Fee based on Daily Rate
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Curriculum Integration Session
Integrating topics, themes, and ideas into academic content is an engaging and effective way to support student learning and retention. I specialize in the integration of sustainability and environmental topics, role playing games, and experiential practices with core academic areas. Sessions are designed in collaboration with the educators’ goals.

Fee based on Hourly Rate or Daily Rate
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Personalized Resources & Materials

Digital & Printable Resources
While there are resources available on Teachers Pay Teachers, DMs Guild, and Patreon, sometimes it’s nice to have resources customized directly to your needs as an educator. These resources are highly customizable around climate, sustainability, and environmental concept integration and experiential practices.

Fee based on Project Rate
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