Climate [Courage] Role Playing Games – creates tabletop game systems and mechanics that center around sustainability, environmental, and climate concepts.

Pokémon Fate

I am currently developing a new standalone RPG system called Pokémon Fate designed around the PbtA system. The goal of this RPG is to emphasize the utility of Pokémon in and out of combat and to emphasize exploring the mysteries of the Pokémon World. If you would like to give feedback on a continuous basis and receive updates on the development of this system please send me a message here.

Monster of the Week

MotW is a system based on the PbtA RPG. Much of the themes and ideas come from shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer where there is a new monster each episode. Hence, Monster of the Week. It is an incredibly flexible system that I have recently picked up and am slowly trying it out with different groups.

Check MotW out here.

Dungeons & Dragons

I regularly homebrew content, design one shots, and world build for different family, friend, and student groups that I work with. The main world that I have been building is Ivireal, a Gaslamp Fantasy world. In this world I explore mad science, unassuming NPCs, and various formats of exploration and dice mechanics.

Check D&D out here.

Deeper Reading:

Role-playing games, and more specifically table-top role playing games, have the opportunity to fill an important social need in the method of education. As suggested, role playing is its central mechanic, and as such it offers numerous ways to support educators as a tool for integrating various subject matter with social emotional learning skills.